Training services

The Snobb Stylist is a British hair stylist (lace wig specialist). Self-made, she has learnt how to make hair since she was 12 years old and developed her own technique.

Training is based in our London studio.

We offer different types of training:

The individual trainings “Newbie” academy

The Snobb offers two formulae adapted to your needs.

The ” Perfect your skills ” training

This training is ideal for the experimented hairdressers and the beginners. Indeed, as a beginner, you will learn the bases of a perfect install and as an experimented the training will bring you the details which miss you, these small notions which will revolutionize your installations.
Perfect your skills in details it is an intensive 7 hours day from 10am to 5:30 pm, with 45 min of lunch break

One theoretical lesson on the various lace. ESSENTIAL notions!! Common to all the best hairdressers in the lace industry This is the main part where all the lace’s secrets will be revealed to you

A practicing part where you will learn to install a sew in lace frontal using the BOLD HOLD glue.

The “Advanced skills” training

This training(formation) is intended for the hairdressers more experimented in lace.

Advanced skills in details it’s Two intensive days from 10 am till 5:30 pm, with 1 hour of lunch break

The first day is the same as the perfect your skills training hairdressers in the lace industry This is the main part where all the lace’s secrets will be revealed to you

The second in the daytime is dedicated to the install of a full lace wig from the forehead to the nape.

With this training you master all kind of installs.

The  Snobb modules

Modules are options that can be added if needs in the individual trainings. They serve to custom your training, according to the kind of special clients you deal with.

is the module dedicated to Caucasian tones. You learn how to install lace on this kind of complexion exclusively

is the module dedicated to the dark skins. Indeed there is a great difficulty to obtain a result on dark skins. The social networks will misrepresent and portray you the opposite because photos and images are often edited. The Snobb has set up a structure allowing you to make a success of your installations of lace without make-up and foundation cream.

Wig and go is the module dedicated to the installation of lace, WITHOUT GLUE nor sticky products. Ideal for clients who cannot sleep with their lace

In terms of availability, leave us your contact information so that we can provide prices and find the right date for you subject to availability.